Irony at its best! Week: 23

So here I sit once again to write thoughts and convey to my head the things that go on up there that make me smile and dance! LOL I know that sounds funny but it’s true. I don’t really write this with the thought that it will reach the masses but instead that it will ring bells in my head and maybe, just maybe, it will ring a bell in someone else’s head that needs it too!

IRONY….it comes in all types of forms….This one however, well it hit home like a fist to your gut! See these kids playing above? Well, remember them as you read this.

After six months of extreme personal development (MKMMA) I have stumbled onto the top irony of the worlds existence. As these kids in the picture would tell you if they could talk to us, they can’t wait to be big like their dads and moms. They can’t wait to drive, have money of their own, houses, cars, families. LOL….boy-o-boy thats what we all hear and have said.

In essence they want to hurry up and grow up!

We speed through childhood reaching for the things that we think make us more grown up and mature. We constantly reach for that, just beyond our reach. We fantasize about what it will be like to go to concerts, clubs, boating, etc. Never slowing down the entire time to realize what we have at our finger tips.

As children we have something special no one ever tells us about. Maybe its because no one ever told them. Maybe it’s because most people never realize it. Maybe it’s because it’s just the order of how things are. We may never know….

Finally we are more grown up and we are so excited to get our first car, drive to our first dance, run our first errand for our parents. Things are moving, but for the child, not nearly fast enough!

Sadly we are moving further and further away from it all the time! BUT NO ONE IS TELLING US!!!!!

Finally we arrive at adulthood! The big 21!!!!! OMG we made it. We know it all and NO ONE can tell us nothing! LOL Thats probably the most accurate statement ever written. We are now living the adult life we so badly wanted.

Life continues and soon we find out that life isn’t all we thought that it was. Some of us find out early, 20 – 30’s. Others of us not so early. Those of us that find out there is something missing, something not right, something that should be different, we begin to look for it and find the missing piece.

Most people, by their 40’s have decided that they had the wrong idea about life and what it is all about. So it begins! The quest! The quest to find the meaning to life and how to be closer to one’s self as well as the source. Its a bumpy, long, hard road filled with people making promises to help you get there but only taking your money $$$ and leaving you more confused than ever!

The disappointment mounts and beats you down. You want it sooooo bad because by this point you know without a doubt that the answers are out there, you see people with the ‘gift’ that you seek. You watch them. You study some of them. Some of them are fronting and theres no real info to learn from them. Others are just too stingy to share, scared that if too many know the truth, the real truth that they will loose something! This is the road you can expect to travel. I speak from experience. I have been on the hunt for many years. I have come close once or twice to stumbling upon the truth and bliss I sought. Then for whatever reason it was pulled away from me. Could it be me? Could it be I wasn’t ready? I would concur that I was not in a place to be responsible enough for the knowledge that I sought.

Many people spend the rest of their lives trying to get back to where they were as kids. Their whole LIVES! See kids are so close to the source, so connected, so open, so influenced by the realness from which they came…..only to want to hurry up and grow up! Thats Irony for sure if I have ever witnessed it in my life!

Then, oh yes…..then there are a few of us that never give up, never stop researching, never let go of that feeling that there is a better, more enlightened life. A life where you are able to reassign feelings to emotions and words, a life where you are able to guide the happenings in your life, a life where you can materialize the things that you desire and know are yours, a life of BLISS close to the source and your real self!

So does that mean that you find this and then you are done? LOL ……Oh no! It means that when you find it, well honestly you have only just begun!

I have been blessed to have found it! I stumbled upon it through a business that I am with. I was aware that I was still in need of finding the dots to connect but was not actively looking for it at that moment in my life. Funny thing is when it was presented to me, the opportunity that is, I almost missed it! There was a requirement of being in class every SUNDAY for several hours…..for six months! Now I had a struggle. I set Sundays aside for family time and recharge. How was I gonna commit to this? How was I gonna get this personal development and balance my life? …….. I just took the first step! Everything else fell into place.

I filled out the application, and submitted it for consideration of scholarship. I held my breathe until I was sent an acceptance confirmation. I was accepted!!! The journey began!

The road on this journey has been anything but straight, it has been anything but easy, it has been anything but non life altering! There have been times when I have wept, I have gotten mad, I have rejoiced, I have laughed and I have shared! Most of all I let my guard down and truly absorbed this great knowledge.

What I found is that through the guidance of the MKMMA Team I too could accomplish all I desired to and that it was in me all the time! Now I bet you thought I was gonna give ya the gold egg huh?

Well I am….Are you ready? Have you got something to write it down with? ……Go ahead go get a pen and paper……… Would it be ok if I share with you what you have been looking for?…….

Well here ya go! The big moment you have all been waiting for!!! …………….

You simply must apply to be in the next course of Master Key Master Mind Alliance with Mark J! You will not regret it, I promise, and it will change your life without question! You owe it to yourself if you have been chasing the answers for any amount of time at all. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or you are rounding the corner of many years of searching, it will without fail change your life F O R E V E R!!!!!!

The journey has just begun! I am so humbled to be on it with a group of awesome like minded people.

Rejoice in the journey, I always keep my promises!

Kris Hanks

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Creating positives from negatives Week 21

Creating positives from negatives? Really? How is this possible? Well it is and i will share with you how ….. follow me in this post and I will share with you how……

You see we are all predisposition to assign a feel ing to a word when we hear it or feel it based on past experience. What if I told you that this did not have to be your experience? What if I told you that you can change these words and feelings into positives in a way that you win every time? That would be the best news ever right?

Well here ya go….. lets start with Fear. Thats a great one I know for sure! See just reading it now made you feel in some kinda a way. Identify that feeling and understand that its only temporary. I know that hard to believe but really its true…..I had trouble at first with that as well……NOW think of the power you would have if every time you hear the word or read it, heck…. or even experience it…… could change the outcome.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are about to see how you can do just that. When you feel or hear this word …… FEAR …… you have the power to harness the power from that word and turn it in to victory!

What does that word have attached to it? Well I know for me……before I learn this info…..I would cower in the wake of that word. I was filled with fear about FEAR! LOL funny right? Well now I see this word as an identifier. I stop and find the “THING” that I fear, ie: failure of a task, the unknown, disappointment, and I could go on and on but you get the picture. Once I identify, I begin to lean into what ever it is and change the feeling to excited. I am now excited to see what I can produce from all the energy that comes with that word. Notice I associate fear w/excitement…..that is because they produce similar energy.

I take that energy, say about failing; and I go forward with such excitement, confidence and happiness that I win regardless of what I face. This is one of the greatest lesson I have ever learned in my life. The course MKMMA is responsible for the change in me and the WINNING I experience on a daily basis.

I hope that you have found this helpful for you and your journey. Additionally know that you can do the same thing with all the negative words…. unworthy, guilt, anger, even anger!

Rejoice in the journey,

I always keep my promises,

Kris Hanks

The Greatest Salesman in the World: Week 18

The Greatest Salesman in the World……now there is a title most people would be happy to have. Are you one? Have you achieved that status?

In our classes in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have been doing many exercises that teach and show us how much power we have and how much power we can have if we learn our lessons.

I was out last Sunday due to traveling, therefore I was unable to attend my normal Sunday class. All week I kept up my assignments but didn’t find time to do my make up class. Tonight I sat down and made time to get it done. I felt pulled to get this assignment done. I now know why…..

Week 18 was all about being the Greatest Salesman in the World and guess what???? I was in complete understanding, in fact, I had learned weeks ago what it means to be the Greatest Salesman in the World, I just did not realize I had done it weeks before in my very own primary business. I had done this very thing just a few weeks ago.

See I went to my company not with problems but with solutions to a few issues we had and I was instructed to put in writing how I see the issues being addressed and fixed. I did exactly that and became part of the corporate team.

See we have been in classes 19 weeks now and about 5 or 6 weeks in I had realized that the greatest salesman was gonna have to sell himself. What I did not realize is that I had done it! Now to practice it more often and learn how to do it every time there is something new!

Believe in yourself and know that all things are possible with education and will.

I always keep my promises!

Kris Hanks

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The lessons of Decisiveness and Self-control Week 19

The lessons of Decisiveness and Self-control…. what could you possibly learn from these two words?

Well, it turns out many many things in fact! See for me personally I had no idea that I was decisive. In fact, I was super excited about this being a word that I would spend 7 days with, I mean let’s look at this close.

I am always trying to do the best for my family and looking at things from many angles but in reality, I saw this: I saw that the faster and more solid I made my decisions, the better things turned out. If I took a lot of time and examined it all out….well it just did not pan out well.

When I would just snap to a quick decision….BAM…great things. When I would stare at the options and think about all the reasons I should go a certain way….well….just short of a disaster.

Now self-control is not a lot different although their actions in most ways are the opposite! How can this be? What do I mean?

The crazy thing is they are opposites. Decisiveness is fast and no thought required, you go with your gut and, well, self-control……its so far away from that it will make your head spin.

Self-control is all about observation. I had a run in with learning observation recently in this class that I am taking and I am not gonna say I am good at it but I will say I am learning and seeing how it can and more importantly is changing my life.

These two words have been my words for the last 2 weeks. I am amazed to see the change and the growth from these two words. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have seen these two in action. It is beyond exhilarating!!!!!

I would recommend that if you have words that you wish to become and learn more about, reach out and I will give you an exercise to help you with that. It’s not about being perfect by . the way, it’s about learning.

I always keep my promises,

Kris Hanks

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Are you still here? Week 17

Are you still here? ……… I know thats what all the people that read my blog are saying!!! So allow me to apologize to all of you.

Photo by Adriaan Greyling on

Well let me tell you I am still here! I have been growing and expanding and loving my life and my business! The work that has been done in the last few weeks is amazing, the growth is unbelievable. I have grown so much in my metal life that I almost look back and say what was I before this awesome class MKMMA.

For those that don’t know what MKMMA is it is Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

You should never pass up an opportunity to take this class if you ever get the chance. It’s not easy to get in, you MUST apply for a scholarship to participate. That said its worth the effort. Every person on the planet should take this class.

You will cuss, snort, cry, laugh, smile and laugh! It will take you all around the planet of emotion. It is a ride like no other but worth every single step!

You will grow in way you never dreamed you would and the best part is that others will see it in you before you ever notice it!

Peace be the journey!

I always keep my promises!

Kris Hanks

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The Gift of Love and Life, Week 13

The Gift of Love and Life….what a special time is upon us….Its coming and we are gonna be part of it.

I know that everyone is so excited for the upcoming events. Whether you celebrate Christmas or one of the many other holidays at this time of year, the fact is….most people are preparing for something big in their homes.

What will this do to your routine? What will this do to your mental energy? What will this do for your finances? Fact is, for most it takes them to places that they do not wish to go. Thank God I am in MKMMA.

I gave myself the best gift that I could ever ask for. The gift of a new blueprint and a new life! What is this you ask? Well, I am sinking myself into what my family needs and wants and how I can become the Captain of my ship and guide it through all the storms and smoothness that I must sail my ship through.

To be sure this is not done over night and will not be a one shot deal. My old blueprint has had control for 40+ years and although I have made changes here and there nothing has ever been done like this in my life. I am taking control of my life!! What an awesome feeling.

So what does my new blueprint do for me? It allows me to have happiness and peace first off. Second, it allows me to manifest all the material goods and services that I want to procure in my life. This is what I have been looking for all my life. Now that is not to say that things don’t happen but I have learned that I can assign a feeling to whatever it is, this is a huge accomplishment!

I would recommend this for everyone. It’s not because I think I am better than others, its that I am better than the person I was. See this is not about others for me, it’s about me! This journey is about getting to all the places I want and need to go for me and my family! It really is about getting all my things done for the life I was meant to live with my immediate family!!!

If you ever have a desire to live your true life, I would highly recommend MKMMA! You will always benefit from the experience. Your true self is waiting for you…..

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! Stay in your world and love it with all the pieces!

I always keep my promises,

Kris Hanks

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Struggling coming into the Holidays Week 12

Struggling coming into the Holidays …… These last few days have come to me in a way that I wrote out my post and never got to post it on the site.

Holidays…..what are they really? They are mostly a time that allows us to validate who or what we have…….Hummmmm This seems so useless to me now that I am taking the MKMMA. I mean I don’t know you feel but I validate myself everyday now! EVERYDAY!!!!

I have now been trying to wrap my head around what these holidays will mean to me. I know without a doubt that I am not where I was when I started and even where I was the last holiday.

In truth… old blueprint raised its ugly head and controlled a vast part of my holiday last time. (I am talking about Thanksgiving here) I believe I thought I was more in control with the new blueprint but I now realize that was nowhere near the truth. How could this have been? Why did I come down to the old blueprints level? I was weak. That’s right weak.

Now….NOW its a different story. I am standing taller, stronger and firmer in my belief and strength of my new blueprint.

If I could leave you with one thought: Make sure you understand your blueprints, dissect them and compare them and learn what you want from the new one that the old one can not give you!

Thanks for reading and if you got anything from it please share with those you love.

Today is a new day and i meet it with love!

I always keep my promises!

Kris Hanks

The Miracle of Strength Week 11

The Miracle of Strength……..

You never know how much strength you have until you have to tap into it. See one of the things that I am learning from my MKMMA classes is that you can always go backwards…that is the easy road.

The hard road, the one that takes so much strength is the one that I have been taking lately. Now I will not lie and tell you that it’s easy. Far from it….but the strength that I have acquired in the last 11 weeks is one that you can not even begin to understand. I am not even sure that I understand it completely.

a conceptual image representing a focus on strength

I am learning to tap into this and feel as though my entire body is electrified. I am learning to turn it on and tap into it as I need it. I am also learning to turn it on and use if for team and recharging their batteries of faith and strength. 

Please tap into your own mentality and strength and learn to sharpen it. Don’t follow or hang out with people that are not sharper than you….remember steel sharpens steel and often thats where the strength begins.!

Thank you for reading my thoughts and please pass it on if you got something from it!

Kris Hanks

Deep thoughts of a brain user: Week 8

Deep thoughts of a brain user….. funny huh? Yea I think so too. It really is a thoughtful statement for sure. So what exactly am I saying? What do I want you to get from this post?


Well, we are learning that certain parts of our brain do certain things but the funny thing is the more we learn the deeper we get into our own selves and the more questions arise. Seems the more I do and learn the more I want to know why I do certain things and why I feel like I am getting covered up with things that I have to do. The pressure is real! 

I am admitting here that I have done well with my readings, my colors and shapes, my cards, my writing/blogging, waking up happier and ready (What have you done right? Right) however I am struggling to get some of the other assignments done. I block time out to get these things done and I just don’t seem to get all the creative juices flowing for the finalizing of the other assignments. I have taken a step back and said let it go come back to it and it will be easier… has not.

I believe I am shaping and changing fast and I keep going back to what falls off my plate…:-) and I know I will be victorious!!!! Hang in there yall if you have this issue as well, we will WIN! Remember we have had a lifetime to be what we are, we have only been reshaping and becoming better for 8 weeks!

It’s my hope that this finds someone that needs to hear this very thing. Stay strong, keep pushing and LOVE yourself thru this and you will be that person you so badly want to be! I just know that…..and I am trusting in the process.

Peace be with you!

Kris Hanks

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Not a Negative thought, NO not one! Week 7

Not a Negative thought, NO not one! Easy right???? Well is it??? Come on be honest. See this week the MKMMA assigned a new exercise and boy is it a doosey.

Let me begin by saying diets are never easy but I have been on several in my life. I always end up getting away from them because honestly at the end of the day, I want things that I can not have when dieting. Now that said…..I always reached my goals I just would not continue to live my life on the diet.


Ok, so what’s this diet about? Well, it’s a “No Negative Thought” diet! That’s right you heard me, no NEGATIVE thought diet. Now if you are like me, you feel fairly positive most of the time….right? Well, guess what? The goal is 7 days…yes 7 days straight of negative free thought and behavior!!!!!


Now it’s important that I add here I have a 9 yr. old and I run successful internet businesses. I say that because like all kids, my son thinks all I do all day is play on the computer and so he is so used to me being there that he has no boundaries for the work that takes place…..LOL.

We were assigned this task Sunday evening….I thought I would get a jump start and start on Sunday. ROFL….well it wasn’t 10 minutes in I had my first negative thought!!! OMG are you kidding me? This should be a snap…..well let me tell ya, it is far from easy.

Think about this for a second….if you are what you eat, then are we not what we THINK???? Of course, we are without a doubt. Now I had a warped sense of thought here. Let me explain. I felt that if I “thought” a bad, ugly or negative thought but did not act on it or say it out loud, well then I was good. WRONG!!!!!!! The diet says: If you have a negative thought and don’t catch it and CHANGE it in 7 seconds or less, then you must start over! So I started over Sunday 10 minutes after I started. I had to start over again 30ish minutes later…..I said ok enough for today. I would begin again on Monday morning.

Monday comes and my morning was a mess! I stomped my foot, saw red and raised my voice twice at my son before he got out the door in the first hour and a half of my day!!! REALLY??? This was not gonna whoop me. I had already started over four times in an hour and a half, geeeez. I started over the fourth time as my son went out the door for school. Surely it would get easier now…..LOL. My day was fairly good…I only had to start over 3 more times before my son arrived home from school. From the time he got home and we went to bed…well 5 more times….this was proving to be a lot harder than I thought!

Tuesday went about the same I think I stopped resetting after 26 restarts. I would just begin again on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday and so far….I have not had a reset… it’s 8:56 am. I am celebrating the small victories!!!! this is awesome for sure. Very excited to see how far I get today! I will keep you all posted for sure!

Now I would like to end this post with this. The no negative thought diet could possibly be the hardest one I have ever been on but I can say this I can see the power in it already. I never knew how negative my days were. No wonder we are so tired and worn down by the end of our days!

Peace be with you,

Kris Hanks

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